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The balance of the world of Vvellion has invariably been kept by magic since its creation. For magic has been and will evermore remain at the heart of all that exists.

Mother Earth has gifted magic to those She deems worthy. Many inhabitants throughout time have possessed such gifts. All have failed in their duty to wield magic’s powers to provide peace and balance to all those who have claimed Vvellion as their home. The extinction of the witchcraft and wizardry of Magna Magia did surely come to pass when the gift Mother Earth bestowed upon humankind was taken lightly. Except for one.

It wasn't until last witch of his kind grew lonely and wished for kin of his own to carry on his legacy. Mother Earth obliged in Her kindness and wisdom, and the Child of Magna Magia used ceremonial magic to create a new species altogether: faeriekind.

This is the beginning of this faerie tale.

A Faerie Tale novella about the history of faeriekind.

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